The World's Leading Motivational Speaker

Les Brown University offer a variety of in-person, hands-on seminars taught by Les Brown and his hand-picked communication team. Les Brown University is unlike most seminars that become a sales fest, hosted by presenters with no real content, Les Brown University is under firm guideline from Les Brown. You will have the opportunity to ask Les questions as he does what we loves…communication training.

Here’s some of what Les Brown University can do for you…

  • Bulldoze Your Fears and Speaking Anxieties
    Beyond mere instruction, this unique event also lets you apply what you learn to build your confidence in a safe, comfortable environment. Receive positive encouragement and constructive, nurturing feedback, so you improve your skills painlessly on the spot!
  • Connect to Your Listener through Their Soul
    Discover how to reach the heart and soul of your listener in seconds – just like the world's most powerful communicators.
  • Command 100% Focus on Your Every Word
    Discover the Distract-Dispute-Inspire Method and you'll easily tune your audience into the frequency of your voice and your message.
  • Watch and Learn from Master and Students
    Les takes you through some of his most powerful speeches as he dissects their anatomy into a blueprint you can apply to YOUR spoken communications. Plus, witness Les' Platinum Speaking Students in action, and learn from a diverse range of speaking styles.
  • Transform Yourself By The Hour
    Immerse yourself in the electricity of other achievement-minded winners—all teaching, practicing, and critiquing masterful speaking skills. You'll feel the change immediately.